Sony Ericsson schedules to October the issue of New Flagship Walkman – Xperia Arc S with “Reality Display”

Sony Corporation opted into the IFA two days before the event. I addition, the company announced the debut of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S this October. For now, the details of the issue are a bit scant. The only thing we know for sure is that Sony decided to focus on “Reality Display” of the gadget and a lot of entertainment services available for users across platforms. This phone perfect fits to mobile app monitoring. More information is about to be revealed soon.

The new Flagship of Sony Ericsson Walkman is running Android. It is also going to be the first Arc ever with a 1.4 GHz processor instead of 1 GHz. Taking notice that the new gadget has no earpiece; it is not supposed to be a phone. However, it all is still developing until the final press release appears.

The new device has replaced the Xperia X10 and has all chances to become a number one Android smartphone as it has a great potential.

It has an eye-pleasing design and shockingly light frame – it is a 117 g of slenderness and perfection.

Android 2.3 is the most appropriate OS for Arc, though the User Interface differs from the default Android UI. Thanks to the large screen with good resolution it has a potential to provide excellent browsing experience and it does, without a doubt. The built-in browser has a great usability as well as an enhanced set of features.

8Mp camera is able to make vibrant and good-looking features, especially outdoors. Also it can shot 720p videos that look perfect and play fine.

The audio quality is beyond any expectations and the built-in audio player is is user-friendly and simple to use. A new display technology Mobile Bravia Engine implemented in the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc reduced all disadvantages of performance of previous versions of Xperia phones.